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G07high-end ultra-thin electric towel rack

Product introduction

G07 is a high-end ultra-thin electric towel rack, "expanding drying area, adhering to the simple style, with drying antibacterial, uniform heating,

dehumidification, advanced carbon fiber heating, fast heating, uniform heating, energy saving and environmental protection.The product meet IPX4,putting an end to some hidden dangers, protecting the safety of the whole family.

Product features:

1. Ultra-thin appearance with 8mm thickness, high-end and elegant design 

2. Adopt carbon fiber for heating, with fast heating, even heating and long lifespan.

3. It meets IPX4 to be anti-shock, more assured and take care of the safety of the whole family

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

5. Highly effective sterilization, dry heating and dehumidification

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