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Kadiyo is a high-end brand of electric towel rack owned by Shanghai Yunuan. It introduces advanced production technology and inspection theory from Europe. With more than ten years of professional production experience, it has been well-known brand in the field of electric towel rack. 

Kadiyo electric towel rack series include: stainless steel series, low carbon steel series, brass series and other kinds of metal products . At the same time with  strong non-standard customization ability, Kadiyo can realize customers’special needs of product development.

Especially in the product intelligent control field,it has been in the industry leading advantage and realized the accurate setting of the real temperature,constant temperature on the surface of the product, customer programmable interface, Bluetooth data transmission and control, remote control of mobile APP and other functions.

The heating mode of the product has also developed from the initial heating tube heating and alloy heating wire heating to more advanced carbon fiber heating and tropical heating heating mode, which can meet different customer needs.

Nantong Yunuan Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. is an international 

heating equipment production and processing enterprise with total 

investment With an amount of 20 million RMB, it has a modern 

production plant of about 5000 square meters and more than 100 

employees, including  more than 20 technicians, 5 with middle and senior professional titles.The company integrates scientific research, production and operation, and introduces Germany's latest production equipment, strong technical force, complete testing means, excellent product quality, set up a skilled Technology research and development center, and CE, HOSE, CCC and other 

Over the years, our products have been exported to Europe and United States. Since 2010, the group has been actively exploring the domestic market with KADIYO electric towel rack series, and has become a leading player in China. Nantong Yu Heating Equipment Co., LTD., a new production and processing center, was established in Nantong in 2017,and a full set of imported processing equipment and technical personnel were introduced. In the face of the new fierce global competition environment, the group will make great achievements with strength, promote development by innovation, and cast the future with quality.The company has established strategic cooperation with many real estate groups such as Country Garden, Vanke, Shimao, Hongyang, Sunac and other high-end hotels, and is a leading brand in the industry.


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KADIYO masters the core technology of heating and offers comforatble experience by innovation. We adhere to environmental protection, energy saving, innovation as the general direction with the selection of advanced production technology, processing equipment, testing technology and other production technical support.KADIYO has abundant r&d and technical specialists of intelligent electric towel rack products, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights

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